If you have bought a printer manufactured by Star Micronics adding it to your AirPOS POS Setup on your iPad is now much simpler. In this section you can learn how to connect your printer to an iPad for use with AirPOS.

NB: If your printer connects by Bluetooth you'll need to pair it with your iPad first. If your printer connects to your iPad with an Apple Lightning cable you'll need to connect the cable from the printer to the iPad first.

AirPOS Retail Pro Bundle Setup Guide on iPad
The Retail Pro Bundle Hardware includes a cash drawer, receipt printer, Newland Bluetooth barcode scanner and secure lockable tablet stand. This bundle is available for both iPad and Android devices.
AirPOS Starter Pro Bundle Setup Guide on iPad
The Starter Pro Bundle Hardware includes a cash drawer, receipt printer and secure lockable tablet stand. The starter bundle is available for both iPad and Android devices.
Connecting the Star TSP143IIIU USB Receipt Printer on iPad
Star Micronics have introduced the TSP100IIIU USB Printer which is able to be connected directly to an iPad using the Apple Lightning Cable. This allows direct communication between the iPad and the printer while simultaneously charging.
Connecting the Star TSP143III LAN Receipt Printer on iPad
After you have connected your printer to your router with an ethernet cable the next thing to do is to obtain the IP Address for your printer. Hold down the feed button while you switch the printer on.
How to Setup the Star TSP100IIIW Wi-Fi Printer for AirPOS on iPad
Star TSP100 IIIW WiFi Printer Configuration.Straight out of the box this printer when powered up exists on it’s own network and is not connected to the internet. The first task is to get the printer configured on to your own Local Area Network (LAN). Connecting with WPSWPS (Wi-Fi Protected
Connecting the Star mPOP Combined Cash Drawer and Printer on iPad
The Star mPOP is an all in one POS device designed to work with mPOS software such as AirPOS. The unit contains a thermal printer and built-in cash drawer that allows a tablet or desktop POS to connect to it in order to print receipts and store cash.
Connecting the Star TSP650II Bluetooth Printer on iPad
The first step is to pair the printer with your iPad.Press the home button on your iPad and then locate your Settings icon on the iPad home screen.On the iPad tap the Settings icon and then tap ‘Bluetooth’ on the top left of your screen.
Connecting the Star MC-Print3 Receipt Printer on iPad
Setting up the Star MC-Print3 Receipt Printer for use with AirPOS on iPad
Adding Logos to Your Receipts for Star Printers on Android and iPad
On an Android device or an iPad you can customise your receipt by adding a logo, a header and a footer. This is done by going into your settings in the left navigation panel of the AirPOS backoffice and uploading a suitable logo through the Reciept Settings dialogue
How to Setup a Star WiFi Power Pack & TP-Link
The WiFi Power Pack is designed to make a Star LAN interface printer wireless. It connects via Ethernet and acts as an adaptor to send/receive the wireless signal from your wireless network.