Having Signed up for AirPOS Pay in your Backoffice, if you tap on the settings cogwheel at the top of the screen, you'll see the image below.

Tap on the green button, 'Let's setup your card reader'. Your device will begin scanning for nearby available card readers.

Ensure that the card reader is switched on and nearby. After a few moments the screen will change to something similar to the image below. If the serial number matches that on the back of the card reader press 'Connect'.

If this is the first time the card reader has been used you will most likely see a popup to say that the firmware of the card reader is being updated. This can take several minutes. Do not exit the screen on your device or switch off the card reader

When the firmware update is complete you will see a screen similar to that below.

When you add an item to the cart and press the tender button you'll see the tender screen.

Select 'AirPOS Pay' and press tender.

At this point follow the prompts on the LED of the card reader which will be asking the customer to tap, swipe or insert their card.