In your reports section of the backoffice there are a number of tools with which to refine your report. If you click on 'Reports' from the left navigation panel of your backoffice you'll see a screen similar to that below.

This will, by default, show all the revenue generated in the last calendar month, reporting the best day, best week and best month. If you click or tap in the date range box as shown below you can select a different date range.

The options immediately available are for the last 7 days, the last 30 days, this month, last month, the year to date and the last 12 months. There is also an option to customise the date range if the range you're interested in isn't one of those options. If you tap or click on the 'Custom Range' option you'll see a screen similar to that below. For the purposes of demonstration we've decided to use the 8th of August.

You'll see two monthly calendars, the one on the left being for the from date and the one on the right the to date. Using the arrows at the top of each you can navigate your way to previous months. In this example we've selected from the 8th of August to the 8th of August and when you tap on the 'Apply' button you'll see a summary of your sales revenue on the 8th of August as shown below.

You may want to look at your sales in respect of a specific item, employee, device, location or category which is easy to do in your reporting suite with AirPOS.

To create a filter just tap on the '+ Add Filer' button at the top right of the screen as shown below.

A popup will appear from which you tap or click on what you want to filter.

When you click in the 'Select an Option' box you'll see the options available Employee, Device, Location, Item or Category.

If we select employee another popup will appear in which you select the employee you want to run a sales report on.

In this case we'll select the employee called 'Daithi Doyle'.

When that's chosen and you click on the 'Create Filter' button you'll see a dashboard of the sales performed by Daithi Doyle within the specified date range which in this case is the 8th of August.

You can add a filter to view your sales by a specific device or till if you have a number of different tills.

In this case we'll select the 'iPad 1'

When we tap on the 'Create Filter' button the dashboard will show what was sold on the till called 'iPad 1 within the specified date range'.

Similarly you can do this by Location if you have more than one shop.

In this instance we're going to have a look at sales made in the 'Main Shop' on the 8th of August.

Once 'Main Shop' is selected and the 'Create Filter' button is pushed the dashboard will show the sales made in the main shop on that day.

You may want to see what revenue was generated by the sales of one particular item.

In this instance we're looking at the sales of the 'Soft Soccer Ball' on the 8th of August.

You can also run a report of your sales by category. This might be useful if you have separate categories for food and drink. If you are running a report of your sales by category only categories that have items in them that have been sold will have any data to report. This means that your sub-categories of the main parent category will contain the information and you'll need to filter for all the sub-categories within the parent category to get a report for the main parent category. You can click in the 'Select Categories' box to do this or start typing the names of the sub-categories and AirPOS will natively search as you type.

We started searching for 'ball Games' above.

You can run more detailed reports for Tax, Employees (including under 'Employee Metrics' the number of refunds, voids, Discounts and Exchanges), Locations, Devices, Items, `categories and Channels (In Store and Online) by selecting the option you want from the left hand menu in reports