In the reports section when you select employees you will be offered two options; Top Performers and Employee Metrics. The top performers chart is a graphical view showing the sales performance of each of your employees. If you hover the pointer over each staff members bar the total figure for their sales within the specified date range will be displayed.

As with all reports the data is exportable as a .CSV file by pushing the ‘Export Data’ button and all the data is produced in tabular format below the bar chart as shown here.

This contains detailed information about the sales figures for each of your employees such as the total revenue, the tax paid on their sales, the cost price of the products they’ve sold, the net revenue, gross margin and gross profit expressed as a percentage.

Under employees as well as top performers is a report on ‘Employee Metrics’. The chart shows the total sales for each member of staff in a pre-defined date range. The table below it gives a range of useful data such as the total number of transactions performed by each member of staff, the total number of items sold, the number of exchanges, refunds, voids and discounts.