How often does AirPOS sync its inventory with Shopify?

Firstly let us say that no system operates in 'real-time' although many claim to. Real time is subject to the capacity of the system and its current load which changes all of the time. However in the case of AirPOS and Shopify we sync inventory 12 times per day which is every 2 hours. The chances of an item being sold online during this time having already been sold in the shop are highly unlikely unless your in store and online sales are of an untypically high volume.

How much does the AirPOS and Shopify integration cost?

The AirPOS to Shopify integration and support is provided for free when you are an AirPOS pro or AirPOS Pay User. To learn more about AirPOS Pro and AirPOS Pay please follow this link to our website which will explain more about our pricing.

How important are barcodes in multi-channel selling?

Barcodes are the only reliable way to successfully identify if an item has been sold as they minimise human error much better than selecting items on a screen, using images and definitely much better that the dreaded misc sale which anyone selling online should seek to minimise or eradicate entirely as they just lead to stock issues and mis-reports.

How do I manage my inventory after the AirPOS and Shopify integration has been completed and my inventory has synchronised?

When your items are present in both AirPOS and Shopify you must use AirPOS to enter new stock, not Shopify as this means that AirPOS has the master version of your inventory which it can then send to Shopify.

Our Shopify help articles will guide you on how to do this.

How do I refund Shopify sales?

You should refund sales made through Shopify in Shopify as you did prior to the AirPOS integration. When you have refunded your items in Shopify the integration will tell AirPOS that your refunded items have been returned to your stock. Please note that Shopify sales made before the AirPOS and Shopify integration will not be returned to your stock and instead you should do a manual stock adjustment in AirPOS. Here's how