AirPOS is suitable for use both in retail businesses with a single outlet and also those with more than one outlet who sell online. Our real-time inventory management makes sure that when an item is sold in your store that your stock is updated and that product can't be sold online. This is crucial in a multi-channel selling environment.

Planning Your Stock Take

Let's face it, stock taking is always a lengthy and difficult under-taking. This is particularly true in businesses with multiple shops.

Prior to beginning to sell online it is critical to have the most recent stock information available, if you can it is ideal to have completed the stock take within hours of entering inventory numbers to a system. You need a good 'jumping off point' to be sure that your stock is in the best shape possible before allowing online orders, to avoid the situation where customers can order items online that you don't have in stock.

Entering Stock Into AirPOS

You'll have planned your inventory and entered both your simple products and products with variants in a previous step. Next it's time to enter the stock information. There are two methods for doing this in AirPOS.

Firstly you can scan your items into the AirPOS stock entry tool in the backoffice and enter the new stock number there. You'll find the stock input tool in the AirPOS backoffice under Inventory > Stock Input

As you can use a barcode scanner to enter items it might be better to use a laptop or computer to perform stock takes as iPads make this slightly more difficult as they don't recognise barcode scanners quite so readily.

Alternatively your can download a CSV spreadsheet of your current stock numbers of items, modify this in a spreadsheet programme such as Excel or Google Sheets and re-upload the CSV to update your stock levels.

Find out how to do that here