AirPOS does not automatically generate barcodes for your products, although this is a feature that we hope to develop. Many of our users prefer to generate their own barcodes which they then print off using a barcode/label printer.

Almost any sequence of numbers and/or letters can be converted into a barcode as a barcode is simply a visual representation of that sequence by varying the widths and spacings of parallel lines.

There are a number of free barcode generator sites available such as the following where you can enter a sequence of numbers and a barcode will be generated.

Once you have generated your barcodes you'll need to print them off as labels. Our hardware partners, Storekit, supply a number of Barcode Printers which are available at the following link and we can ship these to you overnight.

We'd recommend the Dymo Label Writer 450, which can be obtained via the following link:

Dymo Label Writer 450