We've added a number of items to our AirPOS hardware store stock, completed their descriptions, added an image and all other essential information such as price. Now we're ready to sync them with Shopify to sell them online.

If we want to do this with multiple products at the same time we can use the AirPOS bulk edit tool to do that however in this case we're just going to edit some individual items.

To do this go to Inventory > Products in your AirPOS backoffice and click on the Modify Product button beside the item you want to edit.

Click on Modify Product to edit the item you want to set to selling onine via Shopify

We're going to work on our Sumup Air Card Payment Reader product.

Editing our Sumup Card Reader to set it to selling online via Shopify

As you can see all of the essential information required to sell the product online is there and so it's a simple case of switching Sell Online from No to Yes and then pressing the Update button at the bottom of the screen to send this product to our Shopify store. We'll go ahead and do that.