My Z Reads and Daily Sales Totals Don't Match in my AirPOS Backoffice

Below are some explanations for apparent discrepancies between Daily Sales Totals and ‘Z’ readings in your AirPOS backoffice.

Occasionally the drawer is being closed for the day and then re-opened for some last minute sales.

To illustrate this: on a Monday the drawer is closed at the end of the business day at 5:00pm (‘Z’ read performed). At 5:15 on the same day the drawer is reopened to make a last minute sale of say £5.00 and two minutes later another last minute sale of £10.00 is made as the staff are getting ready to go home.

The drawer then remained open until the close of business at 5:00 the following day when a ‘Z’ read is done.

Those two sales totalling £15.00, having been made on the Monday after that day's ‘Z’ reading was taken, will appear on the daily sales total in the reports section without being recorded in the ‘Z’ readings. Similarly they will be recorded in the ‘Z’ readings taken at 5:00pm on the Tuesday but will not be recorded on Tuesdays Daily Sales total because they were made the day before.

Last minute sales after the drawer is closed may not be unusual and for accurate daily reporting, the drawer would need to be closed again (with ‘Z’ readings performed) after such transactions, resulting in two tallying ‘Z’ reads for that particular day. A business which operates past midnight such as a restaurant or licensed premises will also have differing tallies for daily sales totals and their ‘Z’ reads at the end of business.

Partial payment for ‘Parked Sales'

If a partial payment is made towards a ‘Parked Sale’ that payment will be included in the tendered amounts in the end of the day ‘Z’ readings. The ‘Parked Sale’ will not be treated as complete so your actual takings will exceed the expected by exactly the amount of the partial payment. Similarly when that ‘Parked Sale’ is completed on say the following day the amount tendered to complete the sale will be the value of the sale minus the amount of the advance payment previously made. The sales recorded for that day will, however, record the total value of the sale. Your expected takings will then appear to be deficient by exactly the amount of the advance payment previously made.