What Android Tablets are Supported by AirPOS and Which Tablets Do You Recommend?

Unlike the iPad which tends to have one version of it's software available, there are a wide range of Android tablets on the market; many with differing versions of Android and some with versions of Android that are not supported by Google for applications and updates.

How Can I Tell If My Tablet is Supported by AirPOS?

If you visit our AirPOS App Page on Google Play you will see a notification clearly displayed beside the photos of our setup that will tell you if any of the devices you have registered under your Google Account support our application. If your tablet is supported you will see an 'Install' icon on the screen. If the device is not supported you will see a notification telling you this. In this case we are unable to support your tablet and would suggest that you look at our recommended tablets below as an alternative to your current device.

What Android Tablets Do You Recommend to be Used with AirPOS?

There are a few considerations in Android tablets when considering whether they are suitable to be used as an always on POS device.

  • Battery life - Battery life can be crucial in a tablet device, especially if it is to be used in a mobile setting such as a food van or a pop up shop. This is less of a concern in a retail environment as the tablet can be plugged in all of the time.
  • Screen size and resolution - We work on screen sizes from 7" up however a 10" tablet is recommended for retail use. Beware the cheaper Android tablets that advertise a screen size of 10" as in many cases their screen resolution (i.e. high detailed the screen is) can be very poor and make apps very difficult to use.
  • Android version - AirPOS functions with Android versions 4.4.2+ We highly recommend choosing a tablet that will get Android updates however as many of the cheaper tablets will not be available for upgrades, meaning they will quickly be stuck in the past in software terms and unable to receive updates from Google or AirPOS.

All things considered we recommend more recent models of Samsung Tablets such as the Galaxy Note, and all versions of Google manufactured such as the Google Nexus ranges and the Google Pixel C in particular.