Within an industry that profits from confusion, it is more important than ever to be completely transparent about our pricing.

When a customer spends money with your business, AirPOS only keeps a fraction of the fees and that goes back into tools and features for your business.

Card processing fees explained

To process a payment, there are several types of fees within a transaction. These are known as interchange fees and card scheme fees. These are set not by AirPOS but by cardholder banks and card networks. These fees are already considered in your card processing rate so you don’t have to worry about this.

Fees across card types

AirPOS Pay offers a single transaction rate across all card types and will only be charged for each successful card transaction. There are no additional fees outside of the card processing fee that you have agreed on.

What is included in your transaction fee?

AirPOS Pay benefits extend beyond the ability to take payments. All AirPOS Pay customers are entitled to subscription-free access to all the benefits of AirPOS Pro.

  • Save time and grow your revenue with automated sales reports.
  • Increase sales and customer retention with loyalty scheme & customer accounts software.
  • Save money and time with our stock control software.
  • Grow your customer base and sell 24/7 with e-commerce integrations.

...and much, much more.