We've made a number of updates to the most recent AirPOS and Shopify integration allowing customers with an existing Shopify store to sync their inventory with their AirPOS account.

The AirPOS Sync app for use when syncing AirPOS inventory to Shopify is now live. If you would like to begin your Shopify to AirPOS integration and sync please let us know via our survey here https://help.airpointofsale.com/shopify-integration-setup-with-airpos/

First off we have a bugfix where certain items were not being synced from AirPOS to Shopify after being archived, this is now fixed and items archived in AirPOS will become draft products in Shopify.

We are also working on a means of AirPOS bringing down an image as part of the Shopify integration so that customers have a means of identifying products via images, as stands the AirPOS integration does not bring down any images.

We are also collating our Frequently Asked Questions about the AirPOS and Shopify integration which you can read here https://help.airpointofsale.com/frequently-asked-questions-about-airpos-shopify-integration/

Need a guide for how to use our AirPOS and Shopify integration? We've also updated our AirPOS and Shopify Knowledge Base at https://help.airpointofsale.com/airpos-shopify-knowledge-base/