How to Setup Fully Integrated PayPal Here Payments
You will need a PayPal Business Account in order to use the PayPal Here device to take card, contactless or Apple Pay payments. If you do not already have a PayPal business account you can sign up for one at the following link.
SumUp Integration Setup with AirPOS
AirPOS is fully integrated with SumUp to take card payments on the POS. You’ll need a SumUp account which you can create via the following links:
Zettle Integration Setup with AirPOS
If you are new to Zettle, or had previously used Zettle with your POS and have updated your POS app to version 3.8.18 or higher, you will be not signed in to your Zettle account and will be required to carry out these steps to get logged in
How To Integrate AirPOS with Xero to Automate Your Accounts
AirPOS data is compatible with all major accounting platforms, as well as Xero.
How to View your Draft Invoices in Xero
Having setup your integration of your Xero account with your AirPOS account you’ll want to see the results of your efforts. To do this go to and enter your login credentials. You’ll see a screen like that below.