Many users sell reconditioned technical equipment such as iPhones, tablets, iPads etc. These are unique products and as such you may want to include on the receipt the unique serial number of the product as part of the product name.

There is a setting on the POS under 'Advanced' which will allow you to do this. Tap on the settings cogwheel at the top of the screen on the POS as seen below.

From the menu in the left margin of the settings screen tap or click on 'Advanced' as shown in the image below.

In your advanced settings screen you'll see an option to 'Wrap receipt product names'. Just set that to 'Yes'.

This will ensure that the product name is wrapped on to the next line on the receipt without interfering with the layout of the receipt or truncating the product name. The receipt below has the 'Wrap' enabled.

In the image of the receipt below without 'Wrap' enabled you can see that the serial number has been truncated from the product name.