How to Capture Your Customer's Details During a Sale on the AirPOS POS App...

You can easily create new customers on the POS and attach sales to existing ones. To add a customer / attach a customer to a sale, simply click the ‘add customer’ button on the tender screen.

You can search for an existing customer by typing their name into the search box and AirPOS will natively search as you type displaying options that match what you've typed so far.

When you see the customer you are looking for tap on their name and they will be attached to the transaction.

Alternatively if you have a new customer click on the "Create New Customer" button and the screen will refresh with a form to capture your customers details and assign them to the transaction.

Once added on the POS at the conclusion of the transaction if you've added an email address to your customer's details an email receipt will be sent.

The receipt will be sent to the email address of your customer as shown below.

If you navigate your way to the backoffice, you’ll also find a list of your customer details and a full history of all their transactions. This can all be exported as a .CSV file for viewing in a spreadsheet.