Loyalty Rewards is a feature where your customers can earn redeemable points with every purchase they make.  This is available with the AirPOS Pro version of AirPOS. You can determine the rate at which points are awarded based on each customer's overall spend, these points can then be redeemed by the customer to discount future purchases.  

When you go into the backoffice you'll see a screen similar to the image below with two new links in the left margin for 'Loyalty' and 'Customer Accounts'.

Clicking or tapping on either 'Loyalty' or 'Customer Accounts' in the backoffice your screen will change to one similar to that below in which you'll be prompted to upgrade your AirPOS account to AirPOS Pro.

Tap on the 'Upgrade to AirPOS Pro' button. You'll next need to enable loyalty points to be awarded to your customers. To do that tap or click on 'Loyalty' from the left margin and you'll see a screen like that in the image below. You'll see at the top right of the screen a button to 'Enable Loyalty Scheme'. just move the slider to show 'Enabled'.


Once loyalty has been enabled for your account you can set the accrual rate for your customers to earn loyalty points. In the example below we have set the rate as £1.00 spent will earn 1 Loyalty point worth 1p.


*Note*: Changing the 'Point value' after customers have started accruing loyalty points will affect the value of their redeemable loyalty points. Please consider this when making changes to the 'Point value'.


To award points to a customer you'll need to add a customer to the transaction. You can do this by tapping on the 'Add Customer' button at the top of the screen on the POS or if you press the 'Tender' button you can add a customer in the tender screen.


You can either search for an existing customer or create a new. We're going to attach an existing customer called Christopher Robin.


The application will natively search as you type. When you see the customer's name tap on the 'Add to Sale' button to the right of it.


In the refreshed screen you can see at the top right the number and value of the points accrued. You can apply them to the current transaction or tender the transaction and accrue more points. In this instance we're just going to save the points. The transaction is for £310.59 which is worth 31 points.

Select the tender type and press the tender button.


You can see at the top right that 31 loyalty points have been earned. When next that customer makes a purchase he can either redeem his points against his next purchase or accrue more points. To redeem their points attach the customer to the transaction as before.


Tap on the 'Redeem' button at the top right and the value of the customer's points to date, £34 will be deducted from the amount due.


Select the tender type and complete the transaction.

A new customer can be added on the POS at the time of the transaction or can be added in the backoffice. You can check the value of each customer's earned points by clicking or tapping on the customer's name under the 'Customers' tab in the backoffice. Points can be earned whether or not the customer has an account. When adding a new customer you'll notice that there's a new field for 'Customer ID'.


This is for a number which you can assign to each customer and use to quickly locate a customer in your database by scanning a card with a printed barcode on it that will correspond to the number of the 'Customer ID'. We don't actually generate the barcodes or create the cards. You would need to arrange that yourself but you can literally assign a number to each of your customers and have a barcode generated to represent that number which you could then use with a card.

There are a number of free online barcode generators available.





  • This is a POS feature only, loyalty points can't be earned or redeemed on AirPOS webstores
  • Loyalty points earned by customers will be rounded down, eg. if 1 loyalty point is earned for every £1.00 spent, a customer making an overall purchase of £3.90 will earn 3 loyalty points
  • Loyalty points redeemed by customers will be rounded up, eg. if 1 loyalty point redeemed is worth a value of £1.00 a purchase of £9.99 will require the redemption of 10 loyalty points to be paid off entirely via loyalty points
  • Your customers cannot redeem their loyalty points against outstanding balances on account
  • Refunds on purchases made or discounted using loyalty points will not refund the loyalty points to the customer
  • Turning the loyalty feature off will disable your customers ability to collect and redeem loyalty points, turning the feature back on again will result in all your customers regaining the existing loyalty points they had previously accrued before the feature was switched off