AirPOS provides a free setup service to help you upload your inventory and help with the setup of your hardware.

We have a template for uploading new products. The template is arranged with the product attributes listed in a specific way but in order to create a new product there is a minimum amount of information required.

For our assisted setup team to create your inventory they will need from you the Product Name, the Retail Price (including TAX), the Tax Rate (e.g. UK VAT or US Sales Tax) and a Category for each of your products. Your products are arranged on the till screen by category and if you create a product without a category it will only be found with a product search on the till screen. Products without a name, selling price or tax rate will not upload. You can view and edit the import template at the link below.

AirPOS Product Import Template.

You may have a suppliers list of products which can be very useful with creating your inventory. If you do have a suppliers list we can work with that but these typically will contain several thousand products and several columns of information that are not relevant.

Before sending us a suppliers list please delete from the sheet any extraneous columns of information and any products which you do not intend to stock. This will save the agent preparing your account a great deal of time not having to search for and identify information. Please label your columns meaningfully. You can send this as an .xls sheet or a .CSV file.

We can also work with PDFs or any medium that facilitates copying and pasting data into a spreadsheet. Photographs of short menus are also ok but bear in mind that a lot of time is consumed with typing data into the import template. Don't forget to supply a rate of VAT in addition to the menu.

Products with variants cannot be uploaded with the import template and must be created in the backoffice individually as a Master product with variants. It is recommended that unless you are going to be selling online you avoid using product variants as once created more variants cannot afterwards be added. Instead it is advised that you use categories and sub-categories for variations in size and colour unless you do intend to sell online with AirPOS.