If you have bought a printer manufactured by Star Micronics adding it to your AirPOS POS Setup on your iPad is now much simpler. In this section you can learn how to connect your Mobile printer to an iPad for use with AirPOS.

NB: mobile Printers connect by Bluetooth so you'll need to pair it with your iPad first. If your printer connects to your iPad with an Apple Lightning cable you'll need to connect the cable from the printer to the iPad first.

Connecting the Star SM-T300i Mobile Printer on iPad
The first thing to do is to put the printer in Bluetooth Mode for iPad. To do this follow these steps.
Connecting the Star SM-S230i Mobile Bluetooth Printer on iPad
The Star S230i is a compact portable Bluetooth receipt printer with an auto connect pairing function for the iPad.
Connecting the Star SM-S220i Printer on iPad
To power on the Star SM-220i printer slide down the silver arrow on the left hand side of the printer from the ā€˜Oā€™ setting to the ā€˜Iā€™ setting.