On-boarding and Selecting your Timezone Etc.

When you first sign up you'll be taken through a process we call on-boarding in which you select a tax rate, name your location, setup your first employee and till device, create your first category and your first item and select your time zone which will be based on your location.

When you visit https://www.airpointofsale.com/ for the first time you'll see a screen like that below where you select a business type from a dropdown list and also select from a dropdown list what you need such as a point of sale or the ability to sell on the move. This is to help us help you to achieve the best solution for your needs. If you enter a valid email address and create a password you can start a free 14 day trial by pressing the green button to get started.


The email address and password you use here will be those that you will use with AirPOS but these can be changed at any time. During your free trial we will do everything we can to help you get setup and familiarised with the software.

When you press the button to get started you'll see the following screen in which you'll be asked for your business type. Just click or tap in that box to expand a dropdown list. Select your country from a dropdown list and your POS platform. This is the operating system for your POS software and will be iOS, for iPad, Android or Windows. In the currency box the available currencies are those supported by PayPal. If you click in the box you'll see the dropdown list of available currencies. The currency symbol is not printed on receipts and will only be visible on the POS and in the backoffice to the user. If your currency is not in the list you can select  'US Dollars' or 'Pounds Sterling' as a generic symbol. Finally select your Timezone from the dropdown list and press 'Next'.

This will bring you to a screen where you setup your tax rates. The default is 'UK VAT Rate' which is standard VAT at 20% but this can be changed. When you've created your tax rates press the next button. You can edit this or add more tax rates later.

In this screen you'll setup your location. This is where you name your location and enter the address of your location. For the purposes of issuing sales receipts the company name you entered in the first signup screen is picked up by the system so when naming the location if you give it the same name as your company name it will appear twice on the receipt. The address you give for your location will be printed on receipts issued from any device assigned to that location below the company name. Once

In the next screen you'll set up your first employee, usually yourself. Just enter their name, give them a PIN number to log on to the till, assign them to a location and press 'Next'.

This will take you to the screen where you name your Till / Device and assign it to a location.

Press next and you'll be prompted to create your first category.

Press next and you will be able to create your first item.

Press 'Next and you'll be prompted to go to your AirPOS backoffice.

Here you can add more items and categories. Please have a look at the following articles.

How to Add Individual Items Through the AirPOS Backoffice

How to Import Multiple Items from a CSV File Through the AirPOS Backoffice

How to Create Categories and Subcategories for Your Products in the AirPOS Backoffice

In the backoffice if you tap on your company name at the top right of the screen and tap or click on 'Edit My Account' you can edit the company name, the email address and password, timezone and close your account.

If you tap on POS from the left navigation margin you can add and edit your employees, locations, tax rates and devices.