Opening Drawer Cash Adjustment

A frequent request from users has been for the ability to record Cash In and Cash Out from the drawer which occur separately from ordinary day to day sales. It was felt that this need would be best served by providing a way to adjust the opening drawer amount or Float.

This feature is now available in AirPOS. When you press the button for XYZ Reads you will see recorded all your cash, card and other payment type receipts and at the top a new button to Perform a float adjustment. When you press this button a new modal window will open like that below.

Here you select the option to add or remove cash from the drawer. Next enter the amount and in the bottom field type a brief note to describe the reason for the adjustment and press the Save button.

You can see in the example below that £15.00 was taken from the till to pay the window cleaner.

When you press the ‘XYZ’ button you’ll see your float adjustments recorded on the right side of the screen where you can scroll down to view your card and cash receipts.

You can use this to record any cash payments in or out of the drawer. In the example below £2.60 has been taken out for ‘Petty Cash.

You can quickly and easily see this adjustment by pressing the XYZ Reads button as shown below.