To make your first sale, you will need to login to the AirPOS application on your hardware device.

On the screen, make sure you are in the application, then enter the pin for your user account:

When you start the AirPOS ePOS, you will not be able to access any parts of the system until you login. To login, simply select a user and key in the pin you have created for that user in your backoffice. If no list of users appears then simply key in your PIN on the keypad and you will be logged right in.

Logging In


  • Making sure your users PINs are very different is a good idea. For example if Bob has a PIN of 1234 and Holly has a PIN of 123, Bob will never be able to login as the system will recognise the 123 as Holly's login.
  • You can manage your user's login PIN numbers in your AirPOS backoffice at
  • If every user has a unique PIN number then the user list will not appear and you will be able to login right from the keypad. This is recommended for fast transaction environments such as bars
  • For very fast logins one or two digits can we used, but obviously longer PINs are less easy to guess

Paying with Card and Cash

The Sales Screen

Once you have logged in to AirPOS, You will see similar to the following sales screen;

Once you have logged in to AirPOS, You will see similar to the following sales screen;

While on the main sales screen, you will see all your categories / sub categories and items to the left and your current transaction to the right.

To make a very simple sale, you can either select the items for the sale from the categories on the left hand side, scan the items barcode if you have applied a barcode to your item in the backoffice or add a product by searching for it. The item should then appear on the right hand side as shown below;

Once you have finished adding items to the sale, select the ‘Tender’ button, and the following window will appear;

You can then select the method of payment - Cash, Card (if using a separate card reader, e.g. Worldpay, PaymentSense or other), iZettle or PayPal Here (if using an integrated payment method) or any of the other tender types which can be shown or hidden in your Payment Settings

The amount you wish to tender will also be shown here.

If you selected "Card" as your method of payment, you should enter the amount shown on the AirPOS screen into your card machine and process the customer's card transaction via your existing card reader.

AirPOS will record the sale as a "Card" sale for reporting but the monies will be taken from your customer's card via your existing card reader.

AirPOS will then display the amount of change to give the customer. If you have a cash drawer and receipt printer installed, the drawer will open and a receipt will print;

Congratulations, you’ve just made your first sale using AirPOS.

How to Email a Receipt from the AirPOS POS App

Sending an email receipt from the POS is now much easier in the new version of the AirPOS Application. On the tender screen when you've selected the tender type and the amount being tendered press the 'Tender' button a shown below.

The screen will refresh and present you with a field where you can enter an email address. A receipt will be emailed when you press the 'New Sale' button as shown here.

Or you can just choose to press the new sale button without emailing a receipt.