After your AirPOS has been enabled for customer accounts and there are customers with accounts the POS application will look slightly different. The 'Add Customer' button has been added above the cart and there is a new 'Accounts' button beside the 'XYZ Reads' button. If a customer is enabled to have an account  you will be able to add products to the cart which can then be put on the customer's account for later payment.


You can add the customer prior to adding products to the cart or after the cart has been created. Just tap on the '+ Add Customer' button above the cart and you can search for the right customer from your list as shown below.


We'll add a customer, Aidan O'Neill, with an account to the transaction. When searching for him a list of possible matches will be displayed as we type. When he appears just click or tap on the 'Add to Sale' button to the right of his name as shown above.


As you can see in the image above andrew hageman has been added to the sale. To put the items in the cart onto his account just press the 'Account' button at the bottom of the cart. You'll see a popup asking you to confirm that the sale is to be added to that account.


Just press Confirm and you'll see another popup with a number of options..


The customer, Aidan O'Neill may choose to make a payment towards his account at this stage in which case press the green 'Make a Payment' button otherwise press the 'New Sale' button. You can also email him a statement at this point.

If a customer wishes to make a payment towards their account this can be done on the POS. For example the customer, Aidan O'Neill wants to pay £20 towards his account. To locate his account on the POS tap on the 'Accounts' button at the top of the screen and select his name from the list of customers with an account. The products held on account will then populate the cart.


Aidan wants to pay £20 towards her account so select an item in the cart that is more than £20. In this case select the 'Power Rangers Figure' and tap on the green 'Pay Total' button at the bottom of the cart and the tender type popup will appear.


Tap on Keypad and use the onscreen keypad to enter 20.


Press the 'Tender' button and another popup will appear.


Press the 'Exit to Sales Screen' button and the balance of his account will be updated and you can continue to sell.

To check her balance and to forward her a statement tap on 'Accounts from the top of the POS screen and select his name from the list of account holders.