How to Setup Shipping Rates for your AirPOS e-commerce site

If you click on 'E-commerce' from the left margin of your backoffice you'll see below that there are a number of e-commerce site related options.

Shipping zones allow you to specify shipping and delivery rates for your customers based on their location. Shipping rates can be set up on basis of the total weight of the goods ordered and / or the total price of the order. Under 'Manage your shipping' you'll see a link to 'Create a new shipping zone'.

Creating a shipping zone.

The first time you click on 'Create a new shipping zone' your screen should look like the following one.

In the following example we'll create a shipping zone for the United Kingdom based on shipping rates by the total weight of the goods ordered. We'll use published guidelines from Parcelforce which are the following:

Weights up to and

  • 1g - 100g :   £6.45
  • 101g - 500g:   £7.25
  • 501g - 1Kg   :   £8.55
  • 1.001Kg - 2Kg  :   £11
  • 2.001Kg - 10Kg :   £26.6
  • 10.001Kg - 20Kg:   £41.2

Upon pressing the button to create a shipping zone the first thing to so is name it and give a little description of the shipping zone and select the Tax rate which will be standard VAT at 20%. In this instance we've just called it "UK Standard Shipping" and provided the weight bands and rates in the description.

The next step is to select the countries to which the shipping rate will apply. In this instance it will only apply in the United Kingdom. Scroll down to the section on 'Countries included in this shipping zone' and click on the link to the right of 'Europe' to 'Show/hide countries' as shown below.

From the displayed list of counties select 'United Kingdom.

It now only remains to set the weight bands for your shipping zone. Strictly speaking the first band should be from 0 to 100 grammes, however, as 0 in itself may be useful to create a free shipping zone for products such as a gift voucher we'll start the weight band at 1 gramme. This should be entered on the form in Kilograms as 0.001 in the 'Minimum Weight' field and the price in the 'Price (Inc. Tax)' field as shown below. To do this scroll down a little and tap or click on the button to "+ Add a weight band" as shown below.

Enter the minimum rate of 0.001 and the price for that weight band as shown below and then click on the '+ Add a weight band' button to create the next range.

The maximum weight for the weight band is determined by the minimum weight of the next. The first weight band is up to 100 grams so the minimum weight for the next weight band will be 100 grams or 0.100 Kilograms and so on.

Each time you've added one minimum weight and price tap on the '+ Add a weight band' button to enter the next.

Once you've created all of your weight bands tap on the 'Create Shipping Zone' button as shown below.

The new shipping zone 'Standard UK Delivery' has now been created using weight bands to determine the cost.

You can also create price bands so that you can provide free shipping if, for example a customer has bought over £50 worth of goods. The price band will need to be added to each of your weight bands. To do this click or tap on the  'Edit Zone' button at the top right of the screen as shown below above.

The edit zone screen will appear. Click or tap on the button 'Add a price band' below the first weight band you created as shown below.

In the new price band enter the minimum price in the 'Minimum Price' field, in this case 50 and the shipping price in the 'Price (Inc. tax)' filed, in this case 0.

Do the same for each weight band and when completed tap or click on the 'Update Zone' button as shown below.

You can now view your shipping zone and if necessary edit it further.

It may be that you want to provide a 'Click & Collect' service for your online shoppers so that they may collect the products they've bought online rather than have them shipped. To do this you'll need to create a new shipping zone and give it a name, something like 'Click & Collect'. In the description field you can provide a time and a location where customers may collect their purchases.

Click or tap on the 'Add new zone' button at the top right of your shipping zones screen.

Add your shipping zone name and description. As the shipping will be free the tax will be zero.

Select the applicable countries, in this case 'United Kingdom' and leave the price as zero. Tap on the 'Create Shipping zone' button.

You can now see your Click & Collect shipping zone.

Customers buying products on your e-commerce webstore can select this option from the dropdown list prior to confirming the order.

If you do have other products such as gift vouchers for which you don't want to charge shipping costs edit the product description in your inventory so that the shipping weight is zero (0) and they will automatically be selected for free shipping.