PayPal Here Payments on iPad

You will need a PayPal Business Account in order to use the PayPal Here device to take card, contactless or Apple Pay payments. If you do not already have a PayPal business account you can sign up for one at the following link.

Once you have a Paypal Business account you'll need to verify it and get confirmation from PayPal that the account has been activated. In order to verify the account PayPal will require

  1. Proof of your id e.g. driving licence
  2. Bank statement or utility bill quoting your name but with your business address.

If all invoices or bank statements are not directed to you personally but state your business name Paypal may not accept these.

Setting up Your PayPal Location

To accept in-store payments by PayPal you'll need to authorise AirPOS to manage your PayPal location. This is done in the backoffice by clicking on 'Integrations' from the menu in the left margin.  Tap on the PayPal option. The screen will change and you'll see two options; the first is to sign up to PayPal and create a business account if you don't already have one, the other is to enable your device. Enabling your device will mean that all card payments, including refunds, taken with your Paypal Here card reader will be processed within the AirPOS application without switching with the Paypal Here app.

Tap on that and you'll see the following screen.

Just enter your PayPal credentials and after a few moments PayPal will verify your account and bring you back to the backoffice. This step will enable the full integration with PayPal Here and all PayPal payments can be taken within the AirPOS application.

Before you can use the PayPal Here card reader you will need to pair the payment device with your iPad.

Pair the card reader with your iPad

In order to pair your PayPal Here device with the Tablet you will need to switch on the PayPal device. Press and hold the blue power button which you will find on the top right of the card reader (see the diagram below). When you turn on the card reader it's screen will display a starting up message followed by the instruction to open the PayPal Here application on your tablet (which you can ignore).

Next press and hold the bluetooth button on the respective reader, until the light blinks blue.

Press the Home button on your iPad to return you to the Home screen. Locate the Settings App and open it. In the settings you will notice a Bluetooth tab on the left of the screen, press this tab to open the Bluetooth settings and ensure that Bluetooth is switched on using the slider beside Bluetooth on / off.

Next select the PayPal device from the list of available Bluetooth devices. The device will be listed as 'PayPal...' followed by the last three digits of the serial number on the device (S/N). The devices should pair. Follow the onscreen prompts that you should see.

Your card reader may have been shipped to you without having had the latest firmware update installed. Hardware Manufacturers use embedded software to control the functions of various devices, known as 'Firmware'. Periodically this firmware will be updated to fix bugs, roll out new features and improve security. If a firmware update is available for your card reader you will be informed of this in the AirPOS application and you should press the "Start Update" button in order to accept payments by PayPal. The update will take several minutes but is essential.

Setting up PayPal Here on AirPOS.

Having set up your account and paired your payment device with your tablet the next step is to set up payments on your device.  Open AirPOS and login.

To set up payments for AirPOS on your iPad click on the settings cogwheel at the top right of your screen. Next select payments from the left panel.

On the resultant screen set the ‘Do you use PayPal Here?’ to ‘Yes’. Go back to your AirPOS POS.

Tap the ‘Tender’ button. The tender screen will appear like that below.

Then from the available options select ‘PayPal’ then ‘Tender’. You will see the following screen.

The display on the card reader will prompt your customer to insert or swipe his card or if contactless to tap it on the card reader.

The screen will change to inform you the transaction is processing.

And after a few moments it will inform you that the transaction is completing.

Upon completion you'll be prompted to send a receipt. Tap on the 'No Receipt' link and you'll be brought back to the AirPOS final tender screen where you can enter your customers email address to send a receipt and where you can print another receipt.

Congratulations you’ve made your first transaction using PayPal Here.

When you next open the AirPOS application you will see a popup prompting you to connect to the last PayPal terminal that was connected, identifying the card reader by the last three digits of it's serial number.

Just tap on the 'Connect' button and the AirPOS application will reconnect and the popup will change to tell you that PayPal is ready.