Refunds & Exchanges

  • Refunding a transaction from the barcoded receipt

To carry out a refund in AirPOS is easy.

Once you have finished a transaction and a receipt has printed, a unique barcode will be generated and printed as shown below;

To refund a sale, click the ‘History / Refund’ button in the top navigation on your sales screen and a search bar will appear. Either scan the barcode from the receipt or type the barcode number into the search bar.

The transaction you wish to refund will now be displayed in the cart as shown here.

When you press refund a small popup window appears in which you can refund individual items or entire transactions. If the transaction includes a list of items only one or two of which are to be refunded then deselect those items not being refunded by removing the √ from the check box beside that item.

Once you're happy that you have the correct items to refund press the refund button to complete the transaction.