How to Make your Receipts Match your Location.

If you have more than one location you'll want your receipts to reflect the location where they were issued with an address and perhaps a phone number unique to that particular location. For the purposes of receipts AirPOS will pick up the name of your company as it appears at the top right of the screen in your backoffice (beside 'Knowledge Base'). By tapping on the little arrow beside your company name you can edit this.

The address that appears on the receipt is the address of the location to which the POS is assigned on which the transaction was completed. To edit this address tap on POS in the backoffice and then on 'Locations'. Beside each location is a button to modify it.

When you tap on that you'll see the following two screens. Each one is for a different location on the same account.

As you can see they are different locations with different addresses and phone numbers. When you modify your locations don't put the company name in as it has already been picked up and will appear twice on receipts if you include it in the location details. The two fields with the asterisk must be populated with something so in one of the others you could include a phone number.

As you can see here the receipts appear the same with the same logo but the location addresses and phone numbers reflect the store the receipts came from.