How to Determine Which of your Products Appear on your AirPOS E-commerce Webstore Homepage

You can decide and ensure which of your products are shown on your E-commerce Webstore Homepage. These will appear below below the images you've chosen as your featured Homepage images. To do this, once you've decided which of your products that you want to appear on the Homepage you'll need to modify them to enable that. In our chosen example we'll make a Batman Action Figure appear on the Homepage. Go to your 'Inventory' from the left margin of the backoffice and search for your product, then tap or click on the 'Modify Product' button to the right of the product name.

This will take you into the 'Editing Product' screen as shown below.

Scroll down the page to just below the category selection where there's a tick box to sell the product online. To the right of that tick box is another to 'Show Product on Homepage' as shown below.

Click in that tick box to select then tap or click on the 'Update' button at the bottom of the screen.

Once you've done that refresh your E-commerce Homepage and the product you've just updated will appear there.