How to Assign a Static IP Address to your Printer.

Star Micronics have an application called "TSP100III Utility" available from the App Store. You can use this app to search for the network printer and connect to it, provided the printer is connected on your network. It can also be used to change the network settings of the connected printer to give it a static IP Address. Once a static IP address is assigned, IP address changes through the router will not occur. This means that once setup you will be able to continuously use the same IP Address for your printer.

If, however, you leave the printer with a DHCP assigned IP address and it should lose connectivity it will print a short note 'No Host Connection' and it can be quickly re-connected by switching it off then while holding down the feed button switching it on again (if you hold down the feed button you'll get a self print with the IP address in case it has changed). If you assign a static IP then the printer will never request an IP from your router because it has one.

Having downloaded the TSP100 III Utility go to your iPad Home Screen and open the Application.

It will open and after a moment present the following screen.

At the top of the screen 'Unselected State' will flash red. Tap on it and it will search for Network printers. When it finds your printer the screen will refresh and look like the following screen.

Tap the 'Apply' button and the screen will change to the next image.

At this point your Printer is connected to your iPad and you can configure it on AirPOS or you can assign a static IP Address to the printer with a couple of clicks. To do this tap on 'Device Management' as indicated above. The screen will refresh and you'll see the following screen.

Tap on ' Login' from the left margin and in the popup enter the Username 'root' and the password 'public', as shown below and tap on 'Login.

The screen will refresh and from the left margin click on 'IP Parameters' as shown below.

In the new screen tap on Static and then enter the IP Address you got from the self print when you first connected the printer to your network (since this IP Address was assigned to the printer by DHCP there will be no conflict).

Scroll down and press the 'Submit' button. 'Save' in the left margin will flash red. Tap on it to save your selections.

Finally tap on the 'Execute' button. This will reboot the printer.

After a moment the printer will self print with '(Static)' beside the IP Address as seen below.