You can add a series of images which will appear as a slideshow on your e-commerce Webstore home page and each of which can be linked to a specific URL. (Uniform Resource Locator, colloquially termed a web address) When someone taps or taps on the image they'll be brought to a website of your choosing. This can be a category page in your Webstore or a product page.

To do this in your backoffice click or tap on 'e-commerce' from the left margin and from there click or tap on 'Homepage Slideshow' as seen below.

The screen will change to one similar to that below. You should upload a minimum of three images and each image can have a URL linked to it. The images should be no larger than 1300 X 450 pixels.

You can edit the size of your images with a free web based photo editor such as the one at the link below.

Just select your images by clicking in the 'Choose File' box then copy and paste a URL into the box below that to link the image to a web address and tap on the 'Save &Upload' button. Each image as it is saved will appear on the right of the screen with the associated URL below it.

And if you go to your Webstore and refresh the page you'll see the images uploaded as a slideshow on your home page..