You can now add a hyperlink in your product description which points to a whole document or to a specific element within a document for your AirPOS E-commerce Webstore products. For example if you sell a range of T-Shirts you may want to add a link to a sizing chart for any visitors to your e-commerce webstore.

To do this you'll need to add the hyperlink into your product description in the format shown below.

href="">this is a link

The link above will appear with your product as shown below with the text 'this is a link' appearing. When you click or tap on it it will take you to Google.

You'll  need to change the URL which is in italics between the inverted commas above and insert a URL which will take you to where you want your customer to go, a sizing chart for example. You can also change the text in italics above between the > and < symbols to something more meaningful such as 'Clothing Size Chart' as shown below.

href="">Clothing Size Chart

Simply add that to your product description as shown below.

The product will appear on your e-commerce webstore like the image below.

When you click on that link above it will take you to the sizing chart specified by the URL in the product description.

If you add the text  target="_blank" immediately after the second pair of inverted commas it will open the chart in another tab avoiding the need to use the back button to return to the webstore. The hyperlink text will look like...

href="" target="_blank">Clothing Size Chart

..with the added text in bold italics.

If your uncomfortable doing this yourself please let us know the URL that you want the hyperlink to point to and the text you want to appear in the hyperlink and one of our support staff will be happy to do this for you.