Connecting the Scanner.

When the scanner has charged power it on by pressing and holding the scan button for three seconds. The function button near the bottom of the scanner will slowly blink blue indicating that the scanner is in Bluetooth mode and ready to pair. Open the Bluetooth settings on your Android. After a few moments you'll see a popup with a pairing request for the 'BS80+xxx' (xxx being the last three digits of the scanner's serial number). Press the 'Pair' button on the Android popup. The scanner will make three beeps and the function button will turn solid blue.

. Once the scanner has paired with your Android successfully scan the barcode below, if successfully scanned it should bleep. If the scanner won't scan the barcode of the screen it may be necessary to print off the barcodes below but the Newland scanner will scan off most screens.

‚ÄčOnce you've scanned the 'Enable Terminating Character Suffix' barcode you'll then need to scan the 'Terminating Character 0x0D (CR) barcode below:

For your convenience you can download these barcodes as a PDF from the link below.

Newland Scanner Firmware Barcodes

Your scanner is now ready to use.

The scanner will power off after 30 minutes of inactivity or you can turn it off by scanning the 'Power Off' barcode on page 2 of the Quick Start booklet that comes with the scanner.


1. Charging/Battery LED
2. Good Read LED
3. Data LED
4. Scan/Power Button
5. Delete/Reset Button
6. Function Button/Function LED
7. Micro USB Port
8. Product Label
9. Scan Window (Remove protective sticker before use).

Hold down the Scan/Power button (4) for three seconds to power on and press to scan barcodes. Hold down the Delete/Reset Button (5) for about 10-15 seconds to reset the scanner while it is on. Hold down the Function Button (6) for 5 seconds to unpair the paired tablet or Android from the scanner.