Changing Bluetooth Mode to Bluetooth (iOS) Mode on the Star SM-T300i Printer.

  1. Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to switch on.
  2. Press and hold power and feed buttons simultaneously. The Error lamp above the printer display will flash red five times and the display will light up blue.
  3. Release the power and feed buttons.
  4. Use the Power button to switch modes until the display on the printer reads 'Bluetooth (iAP)'.
  5. Press and release the ‘FEED’ and 'POWER' buttons simultaneously. The new settings will be printed.
  6. As soon as the printer is switched on it's ready to pair. If pairing with an iPad the printer needs to be in 'Bluetooth (iAP)' mode (on Android 'Bluetooth Mode'). As above press and hold the power and feed buttons together. When the display reads 'Setup Mode' you can use the power button to change mode until the printer screen reads 'Bluetooth (iAP).
  7. Open the iPad Bluetooth settings and tap on 'Star Micronics' to pair. If prompted for a PIN the default PIN is 1234.

See pages 11 and 12 on the following link for instructions and a list of settings…

SM-T300 Manual

The next step after setting the correct mode and pairing is to configure the printer in AirPOS. Open the AirPOS App and press the settings cogwheel icon at the top right of the screen. Select Peripherals from the left margin and press the Add Printer button.

You'll see a screen like that below to let you know that AirPOS is searching for all nearby available Star printers.

After a few moments you'll see a list of all available Star printers including the SM-T300i Bluetooth printer.

Tap on the green 'Test Print' button to the right of the SM-T300i printer and you'll see the following popup on your screen.

Select the SM-T300i and tap on the test print button. Your screen will change to the image below and your printer will print a test print.

Tap on the green 'Use this printer' button and that's your printer configured to use with AirPOS