If you are experiencing connectivity issues with your Bluetooth card reader, please ensure you follow these steps:

Make sure your application is set up as follows:

  • Your device has Bluetooth enabled in the device settings.
  • Your device has Location Services enabled in the device settings.
  • Connection is established via the point of sale application and not from Bluetooth Settings on your device.
  • If the card reader is connected through the Bluetooth Settings on your device, please select 'Forget device' and establish a connection through the point of sale application.
  • View this article on how to connect your card reader to the point of sale.

Make sure your reader is sufficiently charged and operating within the Bluetooth range.

  • If a reader software update is needed prior to connecting to the point of sale application, at least 50% of battery life is required.
  • If no reader software update is needed, at least 10% of battery life is required.

Make sure your card reader is able to successfully install software updates.

  • If required software updates fail to install, then the reader will fail to connect to the point-of-sale application.
  • When installing software updates, leave the device powered on and in range near your POS application.
  • If software updates fail repeatedly, then record the error message and contact support.

If the connectivity issues still persist, you can attempt a reset of the device by inserting a pin into the small pinhole right beneath the power button, then reconnect the reader to try again.

If all of the above fail, please contact support.