How to Setup PayPal Here Payments on your iPad

You will need a PayPal Business Account in order to use the PayPal Here device to take card, contactless or Apple Pay payments. If you do not already have a PayPal business account you can register for one at

If you have a PayPal Business Account you can proceed to downloading the Paypal Here app from the App Store at the following link PayPal Here on the Apple App Store

Setting up Your PayPal Location.

To accept in-store payments by PayPal you'll need to authorise AirPOS to manage your PayPal location. This is done in the backoffice by clicking on POS and then tap on PayPal. The screen will change and you'll see a large button to 'Enable PayPal'. Tap on that and you'll see the following screen.

Just enter your PayPal credentials and after a few moments PayPal will verify your account and bring you back to the backoffice with the following screen.

Pairing the PayPal Here Device with your iPad

In order to pair your PayPal Here device with the iPad, you will need to switch on the PayPal device. For the PayPal M10 device (black device with a large black PayPal logo at the top) press and hold the blue power button which you will find on the top right of the card reader (see the diagram below).

To turn on the PayPal classic card reader (white device with a large PayPal Here logo on it) simply press and hold the power button located on the left of the card reader. 

  • Next press and hold the bluetooth button on the respective reader, until the light blinks blue. 


  • Press the Home button on your iPad to return you to the Home screen. Locate the Settings App on your iPad and tap on this. In the settings you will notice a Bluetooth tab on the left of the screen, press this tab to open the Bluetooth settings and ensure that Bluetooth is switched on using the slider beside Bluetooth on / off.  

  • Next select the PayPal device from the list of Bluetooth connected devices. The devices should pair. If you are asked for a pairing code the default is 1234. You should see a number of onscreen prompts if you are using the PayPal M10 (black) device. Follow these. On the classic PayPal card reader the bluetooth light will become solid blue when connected.

  • If you have ongoing issues in connecting your PayPal reader to your iPad, try turning off the Bluetooth slider on the iPad, leave the iPad for a minute or two, and then turn on Bluetooth again. Then repeat the connection procedure from the beginning of this tutorial. 

Setting Up PayPal Here to work with AirPOS for Integrated Payments

  • Press home on the iPad and locate the PayPal Here application that you downloaded earlier. Tap to open the PayPal Here app and login when prompted. 


NB: It is important to log in to PayPal before you log in to AirPOS in order to setup the PayPal integration successfully. 


  • Once you’ve logged in to the PayPal Here app it will automatically connect to the card reader you just paired with and the Bluetooth light will turn solid blue.

  • Having set up your account, downloaded the application and paired your payment device with your tablet the next step is to set up AirPOS to communicate with the PayPal Here app and device and enable you to take card payments through AirPOS.

Connecting AirPOS to PayPal Here 

  • With your PayPal Here card reader now connected to your iPad, press the Home button on your iPad and locate the AirPOS app. Tap on the AirPOS icon to open the app and log in to AirPOS if you need to.

  • Next click the settings button on the top right of your screen and select payments from the left panel of the Settings screen when it opens.

                          payment settings

  • On the resultant screen set the ‘Do You have PayPal Here?’ to ‘Yes’. Go back to your AirPOS POS,

    payments integration

  • Select an item to sell 


  • Tap the ‘Tender’ button. You'll see the following popup.


  • From the available options select ‘PayPal’ then ‘Tender’.

  • The following popup will appear.


  • You may see an onscreen prompt to advise you that the PayPal cardreader is connected. The card reader screen will tell you to 'Tap, Insert or Swipe'. Once your customer inserts his card the message will change to advise the customer that the card is processing and not to remove it. He'll then be prompted for a PIN and to press the green √ button to confirm. After a moment the screen on the card reader will report the amount paid and advise the customer to remove the card.
  • At this point PayPal will ask if you want to send a receipt, email or text or no receipt. Please say no to this step as AirPOS will handle your email receipt should you wish to send one.

  • You'll see the following screen where you can email a receipt if your customer wishes you to.


  • Congratulations you’ve made your first transaction using AirPOS and PayPal Here.


    • The PayPal card reader has a habit of switching itself off quickly when not in use. We recommend that the reader is kept plugged in where possible both to make sure that it is charged and also to stop this behaviour where the reader needs to be re-paired after it has gone to sleep. 

    • If your PayPal reader has gone to sleep and it's screen is prompting you to 'Open the app on your phone or tablet' then press your Home button to exit AirPOS and come back to the home screen, tap on the PayPal Here app. The app will open and your card reader will 're-pair' with the tablet. This done then press the Home button to return to the Home screen, locate the AirPOS app, tap on it and continue.