Using the Payleven M10 Card Reader to Take Apple Pay, Contactless and Credit Card Payments on AirPOS

The Payleven Card Reader Explained

Connecting the Payleven Card Reader to your iPad

  • Turn on the Payleven card reader device by pressing and holding the blue power button on the top of the device. The screen will come alive when the reader is switched on and the Payleven logo will appear. 
  • On your iPad press the Home button to return to the Home screen and locate your Settings app. Tap on the Settings app to open your iPad settings. On the left-hand side of the screen you will see a Bluetooth menu item. Tap on this to open the Bluetooth menu. If Bluetooth is switched off, slide the slider to On to switch it on. A list of available Bluetooth devices will appear underneath.

  • Whilst the Bluetooth screen is open on your iPad, press and hold the Bluetooth button on your Payleven reader until it flashes blue. If it says Reconnect on the Payleven device's screen then the device may already be paired with another iPad or phone. As you can only pair with one device at a time you'll need to unpair the Payleven reader from the other device to continue. 

  • When the Payleven device is ready to pair, you will see a listing that says Payleven010-266141 (the number will change with each device). Tap on this listing. The Payleven reader should say 'Accept New Device' and then a notice will appear on the iPad asking you to Pair the card reader. Tap Pair to allow this to happen and the name of your iPad will appear on the card reader screen. Press the green tick button on the front of the reader to continue. Your reader should now be paired to the iPad.

      Click to Pair

  • Now go to the payleven app and log in. Press the settings icon.


  • Tap on the name of your Chip & PIN reader or the image of the Chip and PIN reader. A screen will appear saying ‘Deviceboarding successful’. Press ‘ok’.


  • You are now ready to take payments Using Payleven.

  • The next step is to set up your POS device to accept payment by Payleven. Open the AirPOS application and click on the settings button at the top right of your screen and the from the left navigation panel select ‘Payments’.


  • Set the switch for Payleven to ‘Yes’.

      Yes to Payleven

  • When you perform a transaction on AirPOS at the point of tender, from the tender screen select ‘Payleven’ and then ‘Tender’.


  • You will then be brought into the Payleven application. On the ‘New payment’ screen of the Payleven app press the charge button…


  • From the new popup window select ‘Chip & PIN’


  • At this point the customer will be prompted by the Payleven app to insert his card into the card reader, enter his PIN and press the green tick on the card reader.

  • After the sale has processed you will be asked if you wish to email a receipt to the customer or print a receipt. If you decide to email the receipt you enter the customer's email address in the appropriate field and press the ‘Send’ button on the on screen keypad. 


  • At this point you will see a successful paid screen which will prompt you to return to AirPOS where you can conduct a new transaction.

      back to airpos


  • If you’re having problems with pairing…

  • Turn bluetooth off and on and try again. Restart the card reader and try again. Log out of the application and try logging back in. Uninstall and then re-install the payleven app. Try restarting your tablet. If you’re using a tablet remember to turn it off from time to time to ensure the smooth running of your apps.

  • NB: Payleven recommend that you keep the cardreader plugged in to charge in orde to avoid the device going into sleep mode.